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Flávio Codeço Coelho, Associate Professor

Research focus:

I am a Biologist with a deep interest in the mathematical modeling of population dynamics. I Most commonly work with Problems derived from epidemiology, but I try to combine ideas from Ecology an Evolution, into the analysis of the problems.

Mathematically, I work with Ordinary Differential Equations, Difference Equations and Stochastic Differential Equations. I try to keep models as close as possible to data, using them as investigative tools to build theories about nature. For that I like to use tools from Bayesian Statistics to estimate the models parameters.


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Maria Soledad Aronna

Research focus:

I am an Applied Mathematician with interest in modeling, analysis and control of vector transmitted diseases. I commonly apply tools from Control Theory and Dynamical Systems. I focus in particular on the theoretical and numerical analysis of population dynamics and disease control strategies.




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Sabrina Camargo

Research focus:

I am interested in modeling complex systems, which usually involves nonlinear physics and applied mathematical problems exhibiting chaotic behavior, complex structures, and inherent unpredictability. I am also interested in applying tools from nonlinear dynamics to time series analysis, such as financial and physiological time series.