Center for Mathematical Epidemiology

We are a Research Center functioning inside the school of applied mathematics of Getulio Vargas Foundation.

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Journal Club

This thursday, Moacyr Alvim will make a presentation about deviations in sex-ratios in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and its potential impact for mosquito population control.

Recomended reading, before the presentation:

New Technical Advising Committee for arboviroses formed in Rio de Janeiro

This week, a new technical advising committee was created by the Rio de janeiro municipality. Professor Flavio Codeço Coelho was one of the academics named, to be part of the committee. The committee will have among its responsibilities to advise the design, monitoring and evaluation of public health policies related to the combat of such diseases.

Journal Club - Dynamics of Interacting Diseases

This tuesday, 23/02, we will have Sabrina Camargo presenting the paper "Dynamics of Interacting diseases" as part of the activities of our Journal-club. The presentation will be at EMAp's meeting room. the link to the article is below:


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